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To all current clients and those who are considering counseling at the HCC

The Harassment Counseling Center (HCC) is currently conducting the 
following business operations:

 The Harassment Counseling Center's business hours are as follows: 
  ・ Hongo Counseling Room: Open from Monday through Friday 
  ・ Komaba and Kashiwa Counseling Rooms: Open on Mondays, Wednesdays, and
 If you are considering consulting with us, please first read "For those seeking
"before scheduling an appointment.
 Counseling/consultation sessions are by appointment ONLY. Please refrain from walking in. 
 For all appointments and inquiries, please contact us via the online form on our website.
 Counseling/consultation session(s) can be conducted online via Zoom, face-to-face,
    by phone, or by email. 
 If you wish to remain anonymous in your counseling/consultation sessions, please use
    telephone or email correspondence as your session modality. Please note that face-to-face
    and Zoom sessions cannot be conducted anonymously. 

 The Harassment Counseling Center is currently receiving a large number of appointment
    requests and inquiries. We will respond to your inquiries in the order they are received. 
    Thank you for your patience and understanding.
 Please note that we may not be able to guarantee an immediate session appointment close
    to the date of your initial contact/appointment request. Please make sure to request an
    appointment with plenty of time in advance.

Should there be any changes in our operations, counseling systems and/or related
duties in the future, we will update the information on this website.

Thank you for your cooperation!

To all UTokyo members

The first step of harassment prevention starts from taking good care of
yourself- mentally, physically and spiritually. Using the points below as your
reference, try to be proactive in creating a safer and more secure environment
as best you can. It is our sincere hope that we remain vigilant, support one another and protect our daily lives by taking good care of ourselves.



募集人数: 特任専門職員(特定短時間有期雇用教職員) 1名
契約期間: 令和6年7月1日~令和7年3月31日
更新の有無: 更新する場合があり得る。更新する場合、1年ごとに行う。
勤務場所: 主に本郷キャンパス相談室(文京区本郷7-3-1)での勤務
業務内容: ① ハラスメント及びこれに類する人格権侵害に関する相談
② ハラスメント防止研修会講師
③ 当相談所の活動に付随する事務的業務等
就業形態: 週3~5日(勤務日は応相談)
週あたり25時間、1日7時間45分(9:00~17:30 ※12:00~12:45休憩)の範囲で応相談
※ 時間外労働を命じることがある。
休日: 土・日・祝日、年末年始(12月29日~1月3日)
休暇: 年次有給休暇、特別休暇等
賃金等: 時間給2,000円~(資格、能力、経験等に応じて決定する)
応募資格: 中国語及び日本語によるカウンセリングの実務経験があり、次のいずれかの資格を有している者。
(1) 臨床心理士  (2) 公認心理師  (3) 精神保健福祉士 (4)社会保険労務士
提出書類: ① 東京大学統一履歴書(以下のURLからダウンロードし作成すること。)
② 職務経験及び応募にあたっての抱負(3,000字以内、形式自由)
提出方法: 上記書類の電子ファイルを以下のURLにアップロードして下さい。
応募締切: 令和6年5月13日(月) 必着
選考方法: 書類選考後、合格者に対し面接選考を行う。
採否の決定: 個別に連絡する。
問い合わせ先: 東京大学人事部労務・勤務環境課  担当:岩本
電話:090-3965-1786   E-mail:jinji.kankyo.adm@gs.mail.u-tokyo.ac.jp
募集者名称: 国立大学法人東京大学
受動喫煙防止措置の状況: 敷地内禁煙(屋外に喫煙場所あり)
その他: ・応募書類は返却しませんので、ご承知ください(本応募の用途に限り使用し、個人情報は正当な



Date Category Topics
2024/05/24new!! 休室・閉室情報 All counseling rooms (Hongo, Komaba, Kashiwa):Temporarily closed on May.24 from 1pm.
2024/04/19new!! 休室・閉室情報 All counseling rooms (Hongo, Komaba, Kashiwa):Temporarily closed on April.19 from 1pm.
2024/04/01 休室・閉室情報 All Counseling Rooms: Temporarily closed
2024/03/18 休室・閉室情報 Komaba Room: Temporarily closed from 1pm.
2024/03/15 休室・閉室情報 Komaba Counseling Room: Temporarily closed
2024/03/08 休室・閉室情報 Komaba Room: Temporarily closed on Mar.8 from 1pm.
2024/03/04 休室・閉室情報 Temporarily closed on Mar.4 from 3:30pm.
2024/02/16 休室・閉室情報 All Counseling Rooms: Temporarily closed on March 15 from 1pm.
2024/02/09 休室・閉室情報 Komaba Room: Temporarily closed on Feb.9 (10am-12 noon).
2024/02/06 休室・閉室情報 Hongo Room: Temporarily closed on feb.6

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